10 Interesting Things Made Out of Chocolate

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“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.”- British comedienne Jo Brand

(And we would have to agree!)

From world wonders to every day objects, Lindt has compiled a list of the some of the most interesting (and unusual) items made out of chocolate.

1. Chocolate Sneakers

For Nike’s 25th anniversary, a small Swiss chocolate shop created this delicious footwear.

2. Chocolate Yoda

This chocolate masterpiece was on display in 2006 in Australia. Created by TAFE students, it was every Star War’s chocolate dream.

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3.  Chocolate Gadgets

Everyone loves technology and chocolate so it’s no surprise that chocolate gadgets have are available for purchase.

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4. Chocolate Pencils

These chocolate pencils were created with a pencil sharper to grate the pencil shavings onto a dessert.


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5.  Chocolate Tools

A toolkit crafted out of milk chocolate is sure to bring out the inner mechanic in anyone.

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6. 35 ft. Chocolate Tower

Using 17,600 pounds of chocolate, artist Angelo Feduzzi created a model of St. Stephen’s Tower in 2008.  


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7. Chocolate Business Cards

A sure way to make a sweet impression with clients.



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8. Edible Carousel

Disney’s Beach Club Resort created this edible life-sized carousel made of 50 pounds of dark chocolate, honey, icing, sugar and flour.


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9. Chocolate Race Car

It took a year for ambitious chocolate confectioners to create this race car out of 4,405 pounds of chocolate in Italy.



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10. Lindor Dress

This dress was made of 1,000 Lindor truffles and Swarovski crystals and was worn by violinist Linzi Stoppard in 2007.


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Share with us: If you could have anything made of chocolate, what would it be?



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