Are You a Truffle Trivia Expert?

Thank you for taking the Truffle Trivia! As a true chocolate lover, you must be curious to know the correct answers. Which question did you find the most challenging?

Question #1- Approximately how far would 1 million LINDOR truffles stretch if you placed them end to end?

Answer A – 12 Miles

Answer B – 25 Miles

Answer C – 47 Miles

Answer D – 59 Miles

Answer E – 100 Miles

Answer F – To the moon and back

Correct Answer: 47 Miles. LINDOR truffle is about 3 inches long. Therefore, a million truffles would stretch 3,000,000 inches far. As there are 63,360 inches in a mile, 1 million truffles would stretch approximately 3,000,000/63,360 = 47 miles far.


Question #2 –Approximately how many LINDOR truffles are made every day at the Lindt USA factory?

Answer A – 100 carefully handcrafted truffles

Answer B – ¼ million

Answer C – ½ of a million

Answer D – ¾ of a million

Answer E – 1 million

Answer F – Over 5 million

Correct Answer: Over 5 million. Approximately 5.1 Million LINDOR truffles are produced each day at the Lindt Factory in Stratham, NH. During peak demand, daily production reaches 8.4 million truffles!


Question #3 – Where does the word “truffle” derive from?

Answer A – Derived from the French tout autour, meaning “all round”

Answer B – Derives from the Latin word tuber, meaning “accumulation” or “ball”

Answer C – Derived from the French tranche, meaning “slice” or “block”

Answer D – Derives from the Latin word tragematum, meaning “sweet”

Answer E – Derives from the French truffe meaning “nose”

Answer F – Derives from the  Latin ineluctabiliter laevibus, meaning “irresistibly smooth”

Correct Answer: Derives from the Latin word tuber, meaning accumulation or “ball”.


Question #4 – During what decade were LINDOR truffles introduced to the world?

Answer A – 1950’s – The poodle skirt years

Answer B – 1960’s – The Beatles years

Answer C – 1970’s – The bell-bottom years

Answer D – 1980’s – The big hair years

Answer E – 1990’s – The www years

Answer F – 2610’s BC – The pyramid years

Correct Answer: LINDOR truffles were first introduced during the 1950s decade. Curious to learn more about LINDOR history? We invite you to visit Lindt corporate website for more information on our irresistibly smooth truffles.


Question #5– How many years would a supply of one million LINDOR truffles last if you ate one a day?

Answer A – Until the end of 2013

Answer B – 57 years

Answer C – 289 years

Answer D – 1568 years

Answer E – 2738 years

Answer F – 5276 years

Correct Answer: 2738 years. If you ate one truffle a day, you would have enough truffles for a million days. Given that every 4th year is a leap year: 1,000,000/365.25 = 2738 years (approximately).

Don’t forget to leave a comment a let us know which ones you got right!

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    Thank you for this great trivia contest. The first question was the hardest and the only one I missed – I guess I was always too eager to eat the truffle to measure it! 

  • Sonia Futball

    Question #5– How many years would a supply of one million LINDOR truffles last if you ate one a day? Hello if I only ate 1 in a day is ((just one))………there is no way I can only eat just one..that my dear is totally impossible……….to eat just one. Thats why I put 2013 bc if I had that many in my house it would be gone before 2013,lol ( gotta feed my hips and balance them out)  I LOVE LINDOR truffles xoxox

  • Akisha Thomas

    I got #3 right. Lindt chocolates are my absolute favorite. Thank you for the coupon, by the way. I’ve had a tough couple of months, so it’s nice to get a little sunshine now and then.  ;-)

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  • Pamela Cole

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  • Cindy Lee Mishler

    I only got 2 answers correct.  I know I’m expert eater of truffles, but how did I arrive at an expert on this quiz is beyond me.  Thanks anyway.  I appreciate the coupon and the candy. Lots of love in CHRIST JESUS.  It is better to give than to receive.

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    I also have the collectable tin shown in #4 Used to live in NH, so was able to visit factory often. Missed #2. Guess I would have been a slow worker or eaten them like Lucy.

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    Who care about the score. The answer is I love these. The only answer that counts.

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    I got #2,4,and 5 right (and I sat there doing long division math by hand for #5-gotta stay sharp on math).  Anyway,  I am thankful for the coupon!  Truffles will be eaten fast with 6 people in the house!

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    The one i got right was number 4. I can’t download a coupon to get a free bag. Why can’t you just mail me a coupon.  My address is Diane Haynes  276 Jarrell Farm Road  Reidsville,N.C. 27320. Some of us can’t download and print out coupons. It’s not fair to those who can’t print them out. Thank you.

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    Wow, do I love these truffles. They are the best ever! There is no way I could eat only 1 a day, though, and I would really love to get a million truffles to see how many days they would last! I had 3 out of 5 right, and had fun guessing at the answers!

  • Joan Melnick

    i am glad that Lindt now has a kosher certification…actually i knew they were instinctually and have been savouring them for years…why are they so expensive in Canada?

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     I reccommend the milk chocolate ones- and I reccommend keeping them in the fridge so the chocolate takes longer to melt in your mouth!! :)

  • Myriam

    That was fun. I do have to say that question 5  How many years would it take to eat a million truffles is a trick question, we all know no one can eat just one a day : )

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    I got 3 out of 5 right; the correct ones were 2, 4 and 5.  I may be a novice but I still love those Lindor Truffles

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    I didn’t know the wrapper was still on for question one.  Unwrapped they about 1 1/2 inches long and they would stretch about 25 miles

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    They ARE pretty good—But, apparently you’ve never had Daffin’s chocolate from Sharon, PA.   If you think Lindt melt in your mouth……you’ve got to try them.  (And, I don’t work for them or anything)  :)

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