Christmas Stockings: History & Ideas

While there are many legends on how the Christmas Stocking came to be, the most popular one is as follows:

A nobleman and his wife lived happily with their three daughters.  After his wife passed away suddenly from a fatal illness, the nobleman squandered his property and wealth.  As a result, the nobleman and his daughters had to move into a peasant’s cottage and when his daughters were ready to get married, there was no money to give any dowry. 

St. Nicholas of Myra passed through the nobleman’s village and overheard the villagers discussing the nobleman’s issue and had decided to help.  Since no man would accept money from another, St. Nicholas waited until dark and then threw three bags of gold coins down the nobleman’s chimney.

That same evening, the nobleman and his daughters had washed clothes and hung their stockings by the fireplace to dry.  The bag of coins dropped into each daughter’s stocking and upon waking, the daughters were surprised to find money in them.  The father was then able to marry away his daughter with a generous dowry for each of them.  As word of this began to spread, the villagers came to know of St. Nicholas’ generosity and began hanging their stockings by the fireplace.

Stockings have become a staple tradition during the Christmas season and every year, many are looking for new stocking stuffer gift ideas for their loved ones.  With this in mind, Lindt presents some stocking stuffer gift ideas:

  1. Santa & Reindeer Mini Figures: Santa and his friends are here for the Holidays!  These adorable little Mini Figures are foil wrapped and the perfect stocking stuffer for the little ones in your life.  Made of delicious Lindt milk chocolate, these are certain to delight “children” of all ages!
  2. Lindt Gold Bar: Give the gift of Gold!  Lindt’s Gold Bars are a larger-format Swiss Classic Bar created with original Swiss chocolate recipes.  These bars are sure to wow anyone on Christmas morning.  Give them an extra special indulgence this season by baking a Christmas treat with one of these bars.  Chocolate bark for an afternoon treat or warm hot chocolate on Christmas morning.
  3. Lindor Truffles Mini Bag: Top off stockings this year with the Lindor Truffles Mini Bag.  This personal sized bag is a miniature version of the iconic Lindor Truffles Bag.  It contains three milk chocolate Lindor truffles and is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.  Go ahead and get one for yourself as a little treat while you are filling all those stockings!

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