Last Minute Holiday Table Decor Ideas

The way a table is decorated for the holidays can add to the “wow” factor of a room and make it more inviting.  To create a table layout that will impress, Lindt offers the following beautiful and edible, yet simple décor ideas. 

Stunning Center Pieces

Creating glamorous center pieces isn’t difficult or expensive – A few clear glass containers, such as deep bowls, tall vases, or even martini glasses, can become centerpieces by adding a selection of Lindor Truffles and ornaments inside of them.  The festive colors will shine through the glass, and guests won’t be able to resist the edible décor.

Pretty Place Cards

Place cards are a special way to personalize a table for guests.  To add some flair, place a piece of chocolate on top of each place card – if possible, try using the person’s favorite Lindor Truffle flavor at their setting.  You can also use this concept for your place settings by fastening one, two or three chocolate pieces around a folded napkin with a ribbon.

Reinvent the Runner

Table runners are a traditional go-to for decorating a holiday dinner table.  This year consider reinventing the runner by adding simple yet elegant pieces.  Along the runner, scatter a variety of premium wrapped chocolates, ornaments, and/or beads (strung together or loose).  Before placing the decorations, reserve space for serving dishes and platters with vases or unlit candles that can be removed when it is time to serve food.

Do you typically have large holiday gatherings or smaller get-togethers? What’s your favorite part of getting together with others during the holidays?