Introducing Fioretto

Where does the word “Fioretto” derive from? The word “Fioretto” means flower in Italian. These individually wrapped Fioretto pieces have a unique twist on top that resemble a blossoming flower. They are available in a stand-up bag in 3 flavors, caramel, hazelnut nougat or cappuccino. An assorted bag is also available containing all 3 flavors.

As true masters in the art of making chocolate, Lindt’s Master Chocolatiers promote their craft with love and passion throughout the entire chocolate-making process. Nothing compares to the melt-in-the-mouth smoothness of Lindt Chocolate, which can be traced back to Rodolphe Lindt’s invention of the “conche” in 1879 and has led to the worldwide reputation of the chocolatiers Lindt & Sprϋngli.

Lindt’s Master Chocolatiers developed Fioretto over 20 year ago in Germany for those of us that crave a sweet and crispy chocolate treat. This mouth watering recipe contains a soft center surrounded by a crisp milk chocolate shell and is the perfect individually-wrapped chocolate delight.

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Which flavor (in general) do you prefer most: Caramel, Hazelnut or Cappuccino?

  • Kamille Alexis

    These are seriously addictive…My Mom had to hide the bag.