Introducing Pralines Elegance & Knusper Minis

Lindt announced the arrival of two new boxed pralines a few weeks ago and is now pleased to say we have two additional products to add to the praline assortment. Pralines Elegance and Knusper Minis will now join Petit Carres Inspirations and Pralines Finesse. These 4 boxed assortments are the latest additions to Lindt’s considerable chocolate portfolio.

Our Pralines Elegance are presented in a gorgeous metallic hued box and feature 12 expertly crafted pralines. Enrobed in milk, white and dark chocolate they include luscious Almond Cream, Hazelnut Nougat, Stracciatella and White Nougat Coffee filled chocolates.  Pralines Elegance makes an ideal gift for so many occasions!

Next we have Knusper Minis.   This is a wonderful box of chocolates and suits many different occasions. “Knusper” (pronounced “K-new-spur”) is German for “crunchy” and they certainly live up to their name! The delicious small bits of chocolate crunch and melt simultaneously to deliver an exceptional taste experience combining both flavor and texture. Knusper Minis feature four flavors including Almond Vanilla, Cappuccino, Caramel and Hazelnut.  The crunchy centers are enrobed in premium Lindt chocolate and finished with cocoa powder or powdered sugar.  Don’t let their diminutive size fool you. Knusper Minis will satisfy large chocolate cravings!

Have you ever enjoyed a praline?  Do you prefer purchasing boxed chocolates for yourself or for others as gifts?

  • Jean Sue Libkind

    You have to be a saint to share chocolate or buy it for others. Fortunately, I am not a saint.

  • Janice St Amand

    I have always loved the different flavors of Lindt Chocolate,I guess you could say I’m a Lindt chocoholic,and I do share when its holiday time.Every year we have a family Christmas swap and I buy and add Lindt chocolate to my mystery gift.