LINDOR Gets a Facelift

Since 1949, Lindt’s most recognized brand has evolved into one of the highest-quality chocolate products on the market and continues to remain innovative in its design and flavor offerings.   Every 10 years, LINDOR undergoes a global design facelift and for the 2011 launch, Lindt USA proudly lead the efforts.  The newer design is described as a “modern classic” by the Lindt team and consists of a more feminine look, while still utilizing LINDOR’s familiar color schemes.

See how the LINDOR brand has evolved throughout the years:

1949: Launch of LINDOR tablet in Switzerland. This tablet included the originally soft-melting recipe (“mit zartschmelzender Füllung”)
Late 1950’s: The lace – a traditional pattern of the renowned Swiss textile industry in St. Gallen, Switzerland was incorporated into the LINDOR design.
1967: The idea came up in Germany to produce truffles with the LINDOR recipe as a Christmas tree decoration.
1969: The LINDOR truffle was included into the year-round product portfolio in Switzerland and produced on permanent basis.
1980’s: The LINDOR brand continued to grow using the same recipe and designs over many years which was supported by advertising campaigns mainly included in print.
1987: The product line began expanding with the introduction of the dark LINDOR truffles.
1998: The introduction of LINDOR’s dark and white tablet.
1996: LINDOR presented itself in a new graphic design incorporating traditional coherent elements both on truffles and tablet packaging.
2011: The design elements of the former packaging has been streamlined, while the window has a more modern shape.

Keep an eye out for the new design in stores nationwide by the holidays and let us know what you think.  If you haven’t seen our new television ad campaign featuring the new LINDOR packaging, visit our YouTube channel.

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