Lindt LINDOR Wants to Know….What’s at Your Center?

LINDOR truffles have an irresistibly smooth center that makes it truly unique.  Just as you have something at your center, your dreams & special talents, that make you unique too.  Beginning this November, LINDOR wants to know What’s At Your Center?  Just submit photo and a short essay to show you doing what you truly love doing.  Whether it is singing, gardening, scrapbooking or skateboarding, LINDOR wants to know what makes you unique.  Two lucky submissions will be chosen to receive $5,000 each—one will be selected by a panel of judges and another by a public vote.  View the video below for a little inspiration:


Everyone’s photo will be also be included in the LINDOR center mosaic which will be available for public viewing on and the Lindt Chocolate USA Facebook page.

In addition, 2.5 million LINDOR bags will have special game pieces nestled in their centers with codes that can win you more great prizes!   We wish you luck and look forward to your entry.

  • Chris Stewart

    Do we have to be Americans to enter?

  • Lindt Chocolate

    Hi Chris, yes this promotion is for U.S. residents but we have several great promotions going on in other countries as well.  Which country do you reside in? 

  • Russ Frazier

    I just purchased 2 dozen Lindt Truffles, not one of them had the special game piece required to enter.

  • Lindt Chocolate

    Hi Russ,

    The game pieces are on specially-marked bags of LINDOR truffles. The ones that contain game pieces have a sticker indicating so on the outside.