Lindt Announces New Boxed Pralines

Lindt is proud to announce new additions to our boxed chocolate collection. Creating pralines is challenging and sometimes the process can take up to two and a half years. Each chocolate has to be different, but the combination of design and taste must be perfectly balanced. The Master Chocolatiers are constantly creating and developing new confections and our pralines are considered to be some of the finest in the world.

The word praline has multiple meanings. In Europe, it can refer to a combination of almonds or hazelnuts and caramelized sugar (France) or bite sized pieces of filled chocolate (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium). In the US, pralines are thought of as a southern specialty featuring pecans, sugar and cream. Lindt pralines are bite sized filled pieces of chocolate that contain 25% chocolate by weight. Our Master Chocolatiers can take up to 2 years to develop new pralines in our boxed chocolate collections. Achieving the right flavor, texture and look take time. Creating new chocolate recipes is a passion and an art. The Lindt Master Chocolatiers have been creating delicious masterpieces since 1845.

Petit Carres Inspiration
One of the new selections, Petits Carres (French for “Little Squares”), features bite sized pieces of premium Lindt chocolate in 5 delicious flavors: Stracciatella, Noir (dark), Caramel, Hazelnut and Nougat. This modern interpretation of Lindt pralines makes an ideal gift or indulgent treat

Open the striking box and see the masterfully decorated chocolates. They resemble miniature works of art, but they were created to please both the eye and the palate! The fillings are perfectly complementary to our premium chocolate. Creating new flavors is about balance and harmony while staying true to our 165 years of chocolate making tradition.

Pralines Finesse
Pralines Finesse is another member of our new collection of boxed chocolates. Pralines, by definition, are filled chocolate confections that must contain minimum 25% total chocolate by weight. Rather than exhibiting a more classic shape, Pralines Finesse are thin squares of filled chocolates and are ideal for people who enjoy the combination of premium chocolate, nuts and crème. Pralines Finesse offers Vanilla, Hazelnut, Macadamia and Pistachio fillings enrobed in fine milk, dark and white chocolate. Of course they look beautiful, but what is beauty without substance? Pralines Finesse are delicious! The unique shape allows for the praline to melt evenly in your mouth so that you can experience the delightful flavors. Maybe the most difficult decision will deciding which one is your favorite. Keep tasting until you make a decision.

Both products are now available in our Lindt Retail stores and online.

We want to know what you think. Which one looks most enticing? What do you think of when you see European pralines? Let us know.

  • HG

    I grew up with Lindt Chocolates.
    The ‘Schmunzelhase’ was one of my favorites. One year my parents did hide it that well – nobody could find it in anymore in the garden. Even they couldn’t.
    In fall, when all the leaves had gone it was sitting underneath a berry bush. The ‘Schmunzelhase’ did look like new. But it was empty. The whole ant colony became Lindt fans….
    As a child I did love the milk chocolate. But now my favorites are the Lindor Truffles extra dark.
    Tomorrow I am flying to Germany – and guess what ‘s the first thing I will get there to take with me in the rental car….
    If I can get your new Boxed Pralines, I’ll try them!

  • Shelly Wood

    Looks divine to me!! I LOVE traditional Pralines… dipped in Lindt chocolate HAS to be pure heaven. (well personally I don’t like Pistachios, so that would be a turn off for me). As for the 2 pics….I like the closed box better……saves the suspense of actually “seeing” the treasure when you get to OPEN the box!! Looking forward to more delicious updates…..

  • Maddi Gould

    I just came back from Europe with two boxes of Lindt pralines and definitely like the ones on the left. Wish you could sell the ones I bought in Switzerland…..