Make Your Easter a Little Sweeter & Enter to Win a Lindt Hoppy Easter Basket

What is an Easter without the beloved traditions we share?  Easter baskets are a staple of this holiday and with that in mind, we’re giving away 10 Lindt Hoppy Easter Baskets.  If you’re selected as a winner, you’ll receive the basket just in time for Easter!  Enter below for the chance to make your Easter a little sweeter this year.  View official rules here.

Looking to build an extraordinary basket on your own?  Learn how with a few tips from Lindt.



  • Alice Williams

    I think Lindt candy is so delicious, I would love to win a basket to share with my family at Easter Lunch.

  • Susan D’Alesandro Wilder

    Thanks so much!!  Love what your doing for Autism!!  Also, I had entered this last night.  Can you delete that entry, since according to the rules, this giveaway didn’t open for entries til 10:00 a.m today, sorry.  Thank You!!

  • Anonymous

    Once again… Lindt makes Easter “golden”!

  • Karen Mayernick

    Great Product, Great Contest, thanks for the chance!

  • Amanda

    thank you

  • Deb H

    THE most amazing chocolate on earth!  Thank you for the chance to win a gold bunny basket!!

  • Ashley Yale

    I would LOVE to win this!!! Thank you!

  • Tresa Sampson

    Delicious Chocolate candy ever!!!

  • Anonymous

     no confirmation..just looped back to blank entry

  • Peggy Howell

    With out a doubt the best choclate i have ever had. Way better than Godiva!!!!!

  • Dena Gerkitz

    Is there any chocolate better than Lindt?

  • Daytripper9586

    This would be so wonderful! It is my daughter’s FAVORITE chocolate!

  • Roxie B

    I would LOVE to winny a Hoppy Bunny Lindt basket! What a wonderful way to help celebrate Easter!

  • Jeevon Kay

    This would be a lovely Easter gift. Thank you for the chance

  • Hillis3b

    i would love to win this. my son who has autism loves chocolate. this would make mine and his day

  • Helen S

    Thank you!

  • Beardmore4


  • pat

    love your chocolates, they are the best

  • Linda F

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest — would love to share this basket with the family this weekend. Your chocolate is delicious!

  • Linda69ss

    Love your chocolate!  

  • Brenda Tuley

    This can be a Blessing for some one to give to some one else to Bless them

  • Jen LOVES chocolate!!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lindt!!  Bring on that basket!!

  • Mary Pooler

    Thank you for this chance. It’s generous!!! Love your dark chocolate.

  • WriteEye

    have been trying to enter and just get an internal error message. Disappointed!

  • Kathyjo328

    I love this Chocolate,   love love love it!!  : )

  • Jdaisy

    Tried to enter several times an keep getting an error message  :(

  • Karen Allanach

    Very SWEET! Our kids (okay and the adults!) would love this!

  • Jacqui Gonzalez

    I would love to win this for my children (and myself) I AM A CHOCOLATE LOVER!!!!!!
    (I don’t see the option on address for Arkansas)???? We are in Arkansas
    Thanks for the chance to win an Easter Basket-we love your chocolate and this would just make the kid’s day!!!!

  • Katbear

    I want!

  • Scott Cawley

    I love Lindt Chocolate! It is my favorite.

  • Rosemary Sheraden-Scarbrough

    I have never tried it before but would love to!!!  Love chocolate!!

  • Kathryn Rogers

    My favorite chocolate in the world!  YUM!!!!!!!!

  • Bonnie Lee

    Heaven in a wrapper!

  • Melissa Murray

    I hope to win this for my kids….

  • Kathleen Cedrone Ely

    i would love to win this and give it to my Grandson ..

  • Hope Yates

    I can’t afford to buy a basket for my daughter this year. This is the best chocolate and she would just love to have it!

  • Lindt Chocolate

    Hi there, it appears too many entries have been coming in at once and the system has been having issues.  Please try again momentarily. 

  • Lindt Chocolate

     Hi there, it appears too many entries have been coming in at once and
    the system has been having issues.  Please try again momentarily. 

  • Donna Thompson

    Best chocolate in the world, especially adore your truffles!thank you :-)

  • Michelle Washburn

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Momallaboutfamily

    Omg! love your chocolate with 8 kids & 2 grand kids this would be amazing to win!

  • carolyn

    Well everyone wants to win so they can give it to someone. Well I for one want to win so I can keep it for me. I will be 77 in May I after years of giving baskets to children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren I think it is now my turn.
     So If I should be lucky enough to win it I will say thank you now and have one heck of a great eating it all by myself.

  • Scentedroom

    I really want a Easter Basket!

  • LRH

    I wish the made white chocolate lambs for Easter :)

  • Tinaswineford

    thank you

  • Colleen Reilly Bauer

    Love this chocolate<3<3<3

  • Lindt Chocolate

     Hi Sandy, it appears too many entries have been coming in at once and
    the system has been having issues.  Please try again momentarily. 

  • Mrs. (Grandma) Smith

    Hoppy Easter to Lindt also.  This Easter basket is fantastic looking as well as great tasting, I am sure.  It is a beautiful messenger for Springtime and renewal, lovely to share with my family.  Thank you for a chance to enter this contest. 

  • Nancy0534

    It would be so wonderful winning the most absolute chocolates of Lindt because I gave them all up for Lent.  I was told that it would be fine to eat them on Sundays because of my age, BUT I did not have the Lindts I have.  I’ve been a very, very good older girl!!!!!!

  • Nancy

    We love Lindt chocolates!!  Hope we win this basket for my sweet daughter!!!

  • Pjschumacher

    Lindt is the only chocolate my husband buys me. I love going to the Lindt store in Chicago.  Have to try almost all of them when I go in.

  • Lindt Chocolate

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    the system has been having issues.  Please try again momentarily. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Emyvillaraza

    Thank you..Lindt com…my favorite yummy chocolate..the best.I will share this to my grandkids,and post it on facebook<3

  • Mdrebot1212

    Thank you for the entry.

  • Theresa_cusick

    I would love to win this!!!! Thank you I love Chocolate

  • Teresa Tirado Wilkins

    love it, too!

  • Annette Thompson

    I would love to win this ,I have never won anything before,on any thing.I would share this with my two grand kids.

  • Watts_janie

    The best chocolate I have ever had.  My boyfriend knew this on Valentines Day and he proved it.

  • Lyndiayer

    I dream in Lindt chocolate. :)  Best bunny basket EVER! YUM

  • BlondeEscapeva46

    Thank You for the chance , good luck to all of us….. :) 

  • Jpeck75

    This would be a wonderful easter gift to win

  • Ebuxton777

    I always keep a bar in the freezer for a quick fast super cold treat.

  • Cdrew61

    It would be fantastic if I won !!! Love Lindt chocolates

  • Sonia

    OMG go to the store and get some, its going to be hard to share with others I promise, lol

  • Kate D.

    I really love Lindt chocolate. Thanks for the chance to win one of my favorites.

  • Debbie Knowles

    This is awesome. Thank you!

  • Pixiestyx

    To win this would be great. But even if I don’t I love your chocolate. Yumm!

  • Paulag195751

    would love to win—split it up with the 11 grand kids..

  • Jacqui Gonzalez

    Would love to win this for my children-they are chocolate lovers- thanks for the chance!

  • Bugsnmor

    MMMmmmmm! Thank You for the opportunity.

  • Michelle Lowe

    Lindt is by far the best chocolate ever!

  • Avengefulangel

    I’ll have to fight with my SON if I win, we both LOVE Lindt!!!

  • Monarchbuterfly

    You have the most amazing chocolate I just love it ! I always give it as a gift wonderful!! I would love to win thank you

  • Hpabon

    I really would love to help my grandson get the easter basket.they family is really having tought this year.i appreciate all the help u can give him.your chocolate r so so awesome.happy easter,thanks

  • Jjhend7777

    Umm.. Why is Arkansas not listed in the states.. Won’t let me enter.. :(

  • Doppelteslottchen2002

    Lindt  Schokolade  schmeckt am  besten.Nur  ist  sie  hier  in  Colorado  sehr  sehr  teuer.Ich  kaufte  Lindt Schokolade  in  NH  und  auch  in  Ny  fast  fuer  die  haelte  als das sie  hier  in  Colorado  Spring  kostet.Alle  meine  Toechter  lieben Lindt Schokolade.Es  ist  sehr net  das Lindt  Osterkoerbchen  verschenkt..

  • Robbie

    I would love to win this for my wife & grandchildren. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Sonia_Bloise

    I love your chocolates..they taste extraordinary. Buzzagent sent me some to try out and I was hooked and so were all my friends at work .I might not win for saying this (BUT) its going to be very very hard to share with anyone in the house that day..even hubby or my mother en-law ok kids too they are people also (LOL)  I cant share with them cause they wont enjoy the richness, creamy , not too sweet but perfect melt chocolate in your mouth…..this is one chocolate that no one can hide from me ( ^_^ )  LINDOR CHOCOLATES are eatable ANGELS,lol I love you guys………<3

  • Dawndrolet

    Being Grandmother to 10 young children this basket would be as enjoyable as the time I spend with them. The common thing is that BEST is better! Thank you Lindt for the opportunity to enter into this giveaway!

  • Brenda

    Lindt and chocolate….one and the same !

  • Katrina Rose

    The Easter basket would be amazing to win.  Im a chocolate maniac.

  • Alybrook

    I wish everyone the best of luck with this promotion :) Chocolate this good definitely needs to be shared

  • Elizabeth

    I just wanted to say thank you for being a wonderful supporter of the Autism Community!

  • Francesca

    Now I have to have a Dark Chocolate Mint truffle!

  • Patty Ann

    I love Lindt Candy for many many years, I love buying them during the holidays, Introduced them to many people and now they cant get enough of them. I would love to win the basket yummmyyyy

  • cris

    My all time favorite chocolate!

  • Mariajod1970

    I love Lindt chocolate, especially white chocolate…

  • Mckenna4187

    My favorite chocolate

  • Nonnie1g4b

    Best chocolate I have ever eaten.



  • Pepper6374

    I love this candy and buy it all the time.

  • AskNYouReceive

    I love Lindt Chocolate!

  • Lkwolford54

    They make the greatest candy…..l love it all the time!! You must try it!!!

  • Moore523

    Just love your truffles, especially the white chocolate ones, but all are delicious! A friend introduced me to them last year and i have been hooked every since. <3

  • PearlAmra


  • Nancy

    A basket full of Lindt chocolates? Yes, PLEASE!

  • Frostygirl48

    Thank You very much for the chance to the greatest CHOCOLATE ever.

  • Helen Fritzie

    Hope I win and would love to have some Chili Chocolate in my basket!  Love the spicy stuff! and of course some not so spicy items for the Grandkids! ;-}

  • Carole

    Love Llindt chocolate; especially the white chocolate!

  • D. Berube

    Lindt cannot be compare to any other chocolate.  There just is no comparison to the delicious taste of your chocolate.

  • Bjennings0831

    love lindt chocolate!!



  • Tammy4665

    This would sure help out on a lonely Easter without my children.

  • Hpabon

    I would really love to get the easter basket for my grandson.i always eat this chocolate.its yum yum yum.he would be really happy to get this awesome gift.happy easter.thanks

  • Jlapage

    Thank you for the chance to win!  :-)

  • Debbie

    This is the best high quality chocolate and the truffles just melt in your mouth!! Thank you Lindt for the chance to win your easter basket.

  • M3ma 2004


  • Rose Jaceks

    I wouldn’t think of giving anything but LINDT chocolate to the ones i love ! Only the best for the best !!!

  • HChase

    This is fun- thank you! I have been a loyal customer of Lindt for years! Hope to win!

  • Pmathis17

    The Best Chocolate ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deb21559

    Thanks for the chance to win a Easter Basket.

  • Joangalion

    nummmy!! WANT THIS!!

  • Michelle Mikolaszuk

    Belly is rumbling now!! Good luck all  :)  And ty for the giveaway!

  • Cynthia H

    So YUMMY!! :)

  • Jase_teri

    we love Lindt chocolate-even the 2 year old!

  • Miss Deb

    This is the best and high quality chocolate, and the truffles just melt in your mouth!! Just dreamy. Thank you Lindt for the chance to win your easter basket.

  • Condaslaton

    This is a offer and chance to win a great prize from the bottom of my heart Thank You. Good Luck to Everyone.

  • Dawnku2000

    This would be the best basket ever…

  • Northwhitney

    Make it all DARK, please!!  :-)  Love that stuff – especially the red pepper, as well as Intense PEAR an Intense Orange.  

  • Sarahmcdaniels38


  • Maryleem

    love chocolate, it’s healthy for me!!!

  • Sara

    Lindt is Deliciousness for your mouth!

  • Linda

    the best chocolate in the world yummy for the tummy

  • Julia

    Just spent 30.00 on Lindt candy for my daughters basket.. She loves your candy.. 

  • Sara

    Lindt is Deliciousness for your mouth!

  • Frizz823

    Fingers and bunny ears crossed

  • Gammanae

    I love Lindt chocolate!

  • Matrone

    A little bit of chocolate heaven on earth

  • Kelly-sl

    There is no better chocolate than Lindt Chocolates.

  • Littlered161718

    Lindt chocolate is the best chocolate around!! I would love to win this easter basket!!

  • Dee

    The best chocolate ever!

  • Annettebroxton

    I would love to win this for the kids. thanks

  • Debbie

    So smooth and oh, so creamy !  Makes my mouth water just thinking about it !!

  • Lindt Chocolate

     Hi there, it appears that the developer of the form did not include Arkansas in the list, but has listed it as “AS”.  Please enter with that acronym and we will consider all AS entries as Arkansas. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • itchy

    Sounds so yummy!

  • Zonya Ponder

    Yummy and too Kewl:):)

  • A

    That sounds like an outstanding idea, Miss Carolyn!

  • Anonymous

    candy is a happy food, let it melt in your mouth and have happy thoughts, especially when your sweet tooth kicks in. Carol Derry

  • Tracy-Ann Goss Kehley

    love,love love the white chocolate coconut bars!!!!

  • Donna Gari

    Carolyn:  If I win I’ll share it with you..  :)

  • Kim

    My grandbaby loves chocolate, so why not give her the BEST there is!!! :)

  • Looney2n

    Here’s hoppin’ I win the chocolate!!!!!!!!!!

  • Klfellure

    Chocolate doesn’t get any better than lindts.

  • Deb

    LOVE Lindt Chocolate!!!! I NEED this!!

  • Preciousdragonfly

    I have never had Lindt chocolate. I would love to win it for my 10 year old daughter cause she will share it with me. That would be amazing, God Bless Everyone on Easter!

  • Tnjw2008

    I love Lindt!

  • Rose

    I also agree with Carolyn, I’m in my 70′s also but I will share with my grand and great grand children. Love Lindt chocolate.

  • Fenmar1951

    exactly how I feel too….

  • Dixieroad66

    I LOVE Lindt chocolates!  We visited their factory in New Hampshire a few years back, didn’t want to leave!  :)

  • Mary

    I would bring it into the VA hospital and give it to my brother who is battling cancer for Easter.  He has always shared candy with the nurses and I think it’s time the Easter bunny visits him.

  • Lisa

    If I win, I’ll give it to you Carolyn.

  • Liffwife

    I normally make bunnies and Easter chocolate fit my kids and grand kids. But this year I am no able to make it due to many circumstances. :(. So I would love to win this basket as Lindt is the next best thing to my homemade!!!

  • MaryAnn Whitbeck

    I am 62 years old, disabled and battling cancer right now. I love Lindt chocolate but can not afford to buy much of it. Winning this basket would be like winning the lottery. I would share some of it with the staff at the Oncology Center where I am being treated.

  • Susan

    I would share this basket. This is the best chocolate ever.

  • Ljustus81


  • Laurie allen

    im 40 and never won anything or gotten something like this so i would keep it for myself but i would share a little.

  • Yankeedirtgirl

    I asked for an Easter Basket from my family this year because I feel after taking care of everyone for all of these years I deserve just a little in return!!! :) ( knowing me I will share though!!!)

  • Ellen

    Can’t think of a better way to celebrate Easter !! :)

  • FamousEye2

    My LINDOR Truffles Assorted Gift Box 101 oz. arrived in todays mail. It’s going to be the perfect birthday gift for a friend who loves lindor truffles.

  • Bonnie

    Good Luck Everyone and Happy Easter!

  • Renee

    I say nothing is better than sharing with a friend but you know since it’s Easter, my kids are going to want some too!





  • beth autry

    i hope i win 



  • Judy

    The three triplet grandchildren would make a heyday from this basket.  But one doesn’t like Chocolate so guess who would get her share.  This entry is for Elijah, Hope, and Faith.  7 years old.



  • Mjcj60

    Lindt Chocolate is the very best!  I’d love to win an Easter Basket from Lindt.

  • Chargraves50

    I love this chocolate!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this basket!!  yummy!!!!

  • Kmcgee1018

    My Love and I don’t have the money to give each other a gift so it would be nice to win and share with my Love..

  • Richterdale

    if there was anything left after my grand-children finished, I would eat it and enjoy.

  • Donna35810

    The dark is my favorite of all. I perhaps would share. :) God Bless.

  • Beccalee29730

    Goodluck to all!

  • Lena Loulou

    Would love to win tis luscious chocolate.

  • Hockeyrw20

    really miss my Lindt store since it closed at the mall, so am happy to find Lindt chocolate whereever I can

  • Leighseale


  • Nell Tyler

    Would love to win for my boys and grandchildren!!! Hoppy Easter!

  • Tnlizzy1

    I want to win because Ken loves chocolate.

  • Cindy

    Thank you for this opportunity to win this fabulous prize of the most delicious chocolate!!

  • Fritzi

    Lindt is basically the only chocolate I ever buy! So much better than anything else, anywhere!

  • Hpabon

    my son would llove to get the easter basket.we eat the chocolates all the time.they r awesome thanks

  • yvonnenco

    Love, love, LOVE Lindt chocolates!!!  I can hardly wait for my very own Easter basket!!

  • Mcristopher

    I would love to win one and give to my Aunt Kay She Just went in to have a cancerous tumor removed from her neck she has a titanum jaw from cancer and to have to surguries for that because he bone gragh did not take the first time she also has a tumor on her tungue but the can’t remove it other wise she my not be able to speak anymore. well any way she always makes thing for everybody else and would love to give her one.

  • Sueocean0707

    Ive been craving Lindt chocolate for weeks . Went to closest Lindt store and it was out of business very sad.

  • Elaine

    I am a single mom of 5 children. I would share the basket with them if I won as they are my life and like chocolate keep me going everyday!

  • Ali

    I lived in Europe several years ago and the taste of Lindt chocolate reminds me of those wonderful trips to Bavaria and the Swiss Alps.  Nothing compares to Lindt.

  • Mary_sinette

    I love Lindt chocolate and love sharing it with my loved ones!! I hope I am lucky enough to win and share with my family on Easter!!!

  • Madeleine Whte

     Il  love chocolate and hope to win Never tried yours before.

  • Trellaj

    Thank you! I would give it to my 5 grandchildren. Well, most of it!

  • Hagmank

    i love my lindt truffles, i bet the easter basket would taste even better. i let my grandkids have one each but i don’t know if i would share any of this they get enough from the easter bunny!

  • Vagnonivagnoni

    I’d love to win because Easter is one of my favorite times and Lindt has the best chocolate.  My boys are still growing but I taught them to appreciate good chocolate.  How wonderful it would be to have a Easter of great taste!

  • Lindt Chocolate

     We are working with the form provider company to correct this issue as this is a pre-made form made within their system.  Sorry for any inconvenience! If from AR, please select the AS code for now, as we are fully aware of the real location. :-)

  • Cindy Elaine Irvin Abbott

    I will probably share mine…after I pick my favorites!

  • Faith Anderson

    Lindt Truffles are the best, always buy them everytime I am checking out!

  • Hope

    I’ve been to Zurich Switzerland and seen the factory, shopped the Lindt Christmas Market and gone to the Sprungli Restaurant for dessert so I can die happy! Lindt Dark Chocolate
    is my favorite, chili dark chocolate one of the best. A dark chocolate Lindt rabbit for me for
    Easter, good luck everyone!

  • Joey0480

    fingers crossed

  • Megan7750

    Are all old people so selfish?  I hope not!