Lindt Excellence on the Move

The Excellence team has been quite busy during the past few months.  Between a number of advertisements placed in national magazines, to involvement at a wide array of events, the Excellence brand has had its fair share of exposure as of late.

Lindt Excellence print ads can be found in the November issues of Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Food  Network Magazine, Saveur, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, More, InStyle and Better Homes & Gardens.  Alongside each ad is a brief feature on the Art of Chocolate Tasting which describes the “5 Senses Tasting Process” that is used to identify and truly enjoy premium chocolate. This process is how Lindt and the Master Chocolatiers test the quality of the chocolate.

Lindt Excellence is traveling around the U.S. within the next few months and hopes to see some of our readers out and about.   There will be an Excellence booth at an upcoming More Magazine event at the Miraval Resort and Spa in Tuscon, Arizona from Nov 4-7.  Throughout four days of indulgence and relaxation, resort guests will have the opportunity to enjoy Lindt Excellence bars. Our 70% Cocoa bar will be featured inside welcome bags, at the spa as a treat to enjoy after a massage and in the dining room after dinner.  Additionally, there will be a $150 Lindt gift basket raffled off to guests.

In December, Excellence will be at the 24th Annual Miracle on Madison Avenue charity event with InStyle magazine.  Taking place on December 5th ,  Madison Avenue retailers will donate 20% of the day’s sales to The Children’s Aid Society.  Lindt is happy to be involved and is distributing Excellence samples inside gift bags.

Additionally, Lindt Excellence continues to participate in Shecky’s Girls Night Out events across the United States. These events are a “must attend” for shopping lovers!  As written about in September, Lindt Excellence bars have been featured in Shecky’s goody bags and distributed at the Excellence booth during numerous Shecky’s events this year. Be sure to check out our booth and enjoy a sample of Excellence at upcoming Shecky’s events  in  Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Francisco. For more information, visit

The Excellence team promises to remain innovative with our chocolate creations and would love to hear your feedback on our flavors; both old and new!

If you could create your own Excellence flavor what would it be?

  •!/pages/Bring-back-Lindts-70-percent-original-recipe/122490717805962 Maureen McCarty

    If I could create my own Excellence flavor what would it be?


    The old 70% Intense Dark Chocolate that you still make for the rest of the world but not for consumers in the United States. That is truly the finest chocolate.

  • Doug Fertie

    Maureen hit the nail on the head. The Excellence 70% that used to be sold in the US (and is still sold everywhere else) was superb. The new recipe is an insult to dark chocolate fans. How soon before you dumb down the 85% and 90% bars too? Trust, once lost, is very difficult to regain, especially when not done quickly.

  • Susan B

    My own Excellence flavor has already been created! It was the original 70% Intense Dark Chocolate 3.5 oz/100mg bar, whose recipe you have now changed…much for the worse. It is waxy and tasteless and I will no longer buy it, after many years of enjoying it enormously and recommending it to others. PLEASE, Lindt, bring back the original recipe; at least offer it along with your new one so that we can at least choose our favorite. Why are you demeaning your American customers with this “dumbed-down” version of what was a sensational product?

  • Daniel S.

    The new “Smooth Dark” recipe of Lindt Excellence 70% is practically inedible. It tastes waxy and is higher in sugar and fat than the old 70%. Clearly, your recipe and manufacturing process in New Hampshire is not up to snuff. Please restore the old recipe — or go back to manufacturing in France!

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