Lindt & Walk Now For Autism Speaks

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability, affecting one in every 110 children in the United States.  For the past two years, Lindt has partnered with Autism Speaks to raise funds to provide support for families affected by autism during the Easter season.  For every Lindt Gold Bunny sold in the United States, Lindt donates ten cents toward the non-profit. Not only is Lindt Gold Bunny the #1 chocolate bunny in the United States, it is the bunny that gives back.

We’re proud to support this cause and are excited to participate in the upcoming New England Walk Now for Autism Speaks as it support’s Lindt’s company credo of “we respect and feel responsible for the needs of the communities in which we live.”  Lindt USA employees will be taking part in the Greater Boston event on September 26 at Suffolk Downs by volunteering, walking, and even sampling Lindor Truffles to help sweeten the day.

To get an idea of what the walk is about, check out the Walk Now for Autism Speaks video.

All of the Walk Now for Autism Speaks events are fun-filled, family friendly events and help to raise funds for vital autism research.  Over 72 walks around the country are taking place and Lindt encourages you to take part in this great cause.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event in Boston, or Autism Speaks walks in other cities nationwide, visit

What causes are most important to you? What do you do to help?