Meet the Lindt Master Chocolatiers – The Experts in All Things Chocolate

Lindt Master Chocolatiers

The best chocolate always begins with the finest ingredients, but so much more goes into every single piece we make.  At Lindt, we believe creating premium chocolate is an art form. It requires dedication, skill, and most of all, a passion for making chocolate.

Enter the Lindt Master Chocolatiers.  Masters of their craft, our Lindt Master Chocolatiers bring the passion for creating gourmet chocolate to life.  Each Master Chocolatier possesses years of extensive training and experience that they use to oversee the research and development of new chocolate recipes and products Lindt Master Chocolatiers are one of the key reasons why Lindt Chocolate is so exceptionally good and how we remain as a leading innovator among premium chocolate brands

Since 1845, Lindt has employed Master Chocolatiers all over the world, to carry on the tradition of developing and refining our unique secret recipes.  Over the years, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have utilized their extensive experience and passion for chocolate to create the signature Lindt products people know and love today, including:

-      The Lindt Lindor Truffles: In 1949, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers created the iconic, ultimately smooth-melting recipe for the Lindor center that has delighted millions for more than 60 years.

-      The Lindt Excellence Collection:  In 1989, the Lindt’s Master Chocolatiers saw an opportunity to provide an even more refined dark chocolate experience to people around the world, and worked to create a bar that provides the finest textures, most elegant flavors, and lingering tastes that chocolate can offer..

In the coming months, our Swiss-trained Master Chocolatiers will be using their experience to provide tips, tricks, recipes and insights into the world of premium chocolate here on Lindt Chocolate Unwrapped. Stay tuned for the first post – it’s sure to be delicious!

  • Mary Ann

    I love Lindt chocolate 70% – they need to have a frequent buyer card for us …..

  • http://yahoo arlene

    Love-love-love your choclate & especially the white choc. Given to me as a gift. Always in my home now. GOOD WORK GUYS…….ARLENE