Lindt Q&A: Send Us Your Questions!

Lindt’s social media channels have been live for 6 months now and during that time, users from around the world have submitted feedback and questions of all kinds.   As social media brings consumers and brands closer than ever, both sides seemingly learn an abundance from one another.

Lindt would like to give the Facebook fans, Twitter followers and blog readers an opportunity to ask questions to the various teams and departments internally – questions that may extend beyond the standard product availability or recipe inquiry.  Wanting to know about when your favorite Lindor truffle was first created or what the Lindt USA CEO’s Excellence bar flavor is?  Feel free to inquire!   While all submitted questions are not guaranteed to be answered, many of them will be responded to.  Lindt wants to give its dedicated consumers an opportunity to engage and have fun!   A number of answers to your questions will be published here on Lindt Chocolate Unwrapped.   Make sure to come back and see if your question is among the selected.

  • kelly jellison

    ive never tried ur lindnt chocolate, but after entering ur daily sweepstakes and watching that video i can tell you i am dreaming in chocolate!!!! i havent won yet so cant comment on them excpet that next time i go to the store and see them i will buy them and see……….

  • Podycat

    Why do you not sell bags of Raspberry Chocolate Balls outside of New England? my West Family now loves them. Do you have shops in other states?

  • Mary C.

    If the Lindt Master Chocolatier was stranded on an island and could only eat 3 Lindt products for the rest of her life, what would they be?

  • Beckyfarrell

    My question is about the Lindt Truffle wrappers. I use them to decorate in many applications. My focus is on flavor and appearance. I am wondering how you choose your wrapper colors and if there is any way you can do one in silver and one in deep purple. This would broaden my creations greatly. One last comment. I would love to see the red wrapper in a much richer ruby red color. This is important to me. Thank you, Becky Farrell

  • Mawb1952

    The chocolate orange cheesecake was excellent!! So here is my chocolate question: Did Lindt make Frigor in Europe? And why no longer? It was the best!!

  • TheCocoCon

    Will Lindt ever develop a chocolate bar that can compete with artisan dark chocolates made by companies like Amano or Michel Cluizel etc.?

  • Diane B

    1 In how many countries our Lindt sold?
    2 What is your most popular flavor?
    3 Would you consider creating a caramel chocolate ?

  • Jenn Ward

    What separates Lindt RSVP from other direct sales “legal” pyramid platforms? What is the company’s projected 3 yr, 5 yr business plan? Thanks,

  • Pastorstevelee

    How do you know what quality chocolate tastes like ?

  • Lindt Chocolate

    Hi Shirley, can you provide a photo?

  • Lindt Chocolate

    This question is quite subjective as we believe that many (if not all) of our bars can compete with the ones that you listed. We take great pride in the quality of these bars; aiming to make them the best premium chocolate bars available in the market. We have a vast line of Lindt Excellence bars and we also carry some of our imported bars from Europe on our website and in Lindt retail shops. Most of the bars can be found here: Whether they stack up to your personal artisan dark chocolate standards, is up to you to decide. :)

  • Lindt Chocolate

    Identifying fine chocolate is a skill that can be developed with practice (people like when I tell them that). Pick up a few different brands, but stay in the same cocoa content range. For example, buy 3 or 4 bars of milk chocolate. Use Lindt as your benchmark when tasting because we guarantee that it is premium! Buy unfilled bars to begin with. Using the 5 senses tasting process as a guideline, taste each chocolate. Cleanse your palate with room temperate water or bread between brands. High quality chocolate will have a glossy shine, a smooth surface and a clean snap with it breaks. It will have wonderful aromas; in addition to cocoa see what else you can identify. Do you smell fruit, herbs, honey or earth? Break off a piece of chocolate and let it melt in your mouth. Do not chew it or you will miss the subtle flavors revealed as the chocolate encounters your taste buds. Fine chocolate has a smooth melt and its flavors will linger after it has melted away. At Lindt we say that “life is too short for ordinary chocolate”! Once you experience the true difference between premium and non-premium chocolate you will understand what we mean. – Lindt Master Chocolater, Ann Czaja

  • Lindt Chocolate


    1. Lindt is sold in over 100 countries worldwide! (And growing every day)
    2. The most popular flavor is dependent on which product you’re speaking of. Our most popular product are our Lindor Truffles and the most popular flavor? Milk.
    3. We currently produce a few items containing caramel. We have our Caramel Fioretto which is a delicious treat imported from Europe: as well as our Lindt Chocoletti Caramel bar:

    Thank you for all of your great questions!

  • Lindt Chocolate

    Wow!! That’s a really tough question!! If I had to choose they would be:
    • Excellence Sea Salt
    • Lindor Peanut Butter Truffles
    • Grandure White Almond Bar

    I can’t, however, promise that I’d give the same answers next week ;)

    - Lindt USA Master Chocolatier, Ann Czaja

  • Thomas Fowler

    Are you ever going to have the liquor filled chocolates here in the United States as you do in Europe?
    I would like to attain some of the chocolate logs with the Kirsch inside of them. They are my favorite Lindt chocolates.

  • Daniellh95

    Can you get chocolate shipped anywhere you want or just to your home?

  • Lindt Chocolate

    Hi Daniel,

    Yes, you may send a chocolate gift to anywhere else within the United States (excluding P.O. Boxes)