Sharing Your Dreams with Lindt

Lindt Lindor’s “What’s at the Center of Your Dreams?” sweepstakes is going into its 7th week and tens of thousands of you across the United States have shared your dreams for a chance to win $5,000 towards fulfilling them.  Below are some of Lindt’s hand-chosen favorites:

1.) I have always wanted to see a Broadway play and experience New York. Shopping wouldn’t be bad too! – Mary, WA

2.) I’ve dreamed of playing the xylophone in a band with my husband, but I would need a decent xylophone to do so. -  Tara, OH

3.) To take a once-in-a-lifetime hike in the Swiss Alps with a pocketful of Lindor chocolates. – Anne, WA

4.) My dream involves being an official taste tester at the Lindt truffles factory J! – Greg , IN

5.) To take a long Mediterranean cruise and enjoy a gondola ride in Venice with my husband. – Charlene, NJ

6.) To take my family to Greece next summer to watch our nephew participate in the special Olympics. – Lorrie, HI

7.) My dream is to go on an African safari. To see animals in their natural habitat and not in a zoo. – Stacy, PA

8.) To buy enough property to have a holiday farm, pumpkins, Christmas trees, flowers, produce etc! -  Cassie, OR

9.) My dream is to own a home in Paris where I can see the Eiffel tower! – Jody, OR

10.) To help/encourage others starting out in life by supporting them financially, coaching and mentoring.-  James, CA

11.) Travel to Scotland, the country of my ancestors to do family research. – Dorothy, UT

12.) To attend every major sporting event of my choosing for the next twenty years. – Gil, NY

13.) To finally be able to travel the world and fulfill most of my bucket list. – Brandy, GA

14.) I would love to have my own catering Business – Greta’s Gourmet. – Greta, TN

15.) To participate in helping find a cure for Lupus – Sharon, CA

16.) The center of my dream is a hole in one at Pebble Beach! Followed by Lindt Chocolates and champagne! – Dan, NV

17.) Taking a trip with all of my grandchildren, all 12 of them. – Judith, OR

18.) I dream of taking culinary class and learn all I can about cooking desserts, pastry & cuisine. – Stacy, IN

19.) MY dream is to throw my mother a surprise 70th birthday party! – Maria, CA

20.) Spend a week in New York with my wife of 48 years. – Dee, TX

Thank you to all those who have entered!  Visit daily until February 15th for a chance to win the grand prize and other daily instant-win prizes.  Additionally, look for specially-marked Lindor truffle bags for a chance to find a winning game piece inside.