Sharing Life’s Sweetest Moments

Lindt loves this time of year. Why? Because of the recent holidays and events that revolve around family.  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding season, High School and College graduations are all events where we share special moments with our loved ones.   We believe that this season of sharing should be celebrated, and thus we put our minds to work.  How do we share something special with you that can be shared with your loved ones?  After thinking long and hard, the answer became clear:  our exquisite milk chocolate bar brand, Classic Recipe (yes, your favorite milk bar in blue packaging).

The Lindt Classic Recipe bar collection is a smoother and creamier milk chocolate that embodies the passion and craftsmanship of Lindt Master Chocolatiers, making it the most fitting chocolate bar for sharing with family members of all ages.   With that in mind, it made perfect sense for Lindt to partner with Kodak and introduce the Classic Recipe “Share Life’s Sweetest Moments” Sweepstakes to help you capture and share these special moments through photography.  (May is also National Photography Month, so what better way to celebrate!)

Grand Prize includes:

  • One Year’s Supply of Lindt Chocolate
  • Lindt Gift Basket
  • KODAK EasyShare C195 camera
  • KODAK PLAYTOUCH Video Camera
  • KODAK PULSE 10″ Digital Frame
  • $2,000 cash award for family portrait session

Daily Instant Win Prizes Include:

  • Over 150 Lindt Classic Recipe bars and Kodak photography products.

You can enter daily until August 31st at

Share with us: What is one way you like to enjoy family time?

  • Elisabeth

    My husband and I have “quiet time”  when the kids are all in bed.   As they have gotten older our quiet time has gotten shorter;  they go to bed later and we’re ready for bed earlier.  =)  Our favorite quiet time is a cup of tea with a Lindt truffle.   We usually visit or watch a Monk episode.   ~our favorite truffle flavors are raspberry and the exclusive white chocolate center with milk chocolate shell. 

  • Rene

    I love to share Christmas time. We have 6 siblings in our family and over the years it has grown with marriages and children. It is the only time of the year that we all are together in one place.  We make dinner easy with a Low Country Boil and steamed oysters. And watching all the children and their anticipation grow as each family arrives and brings in the gifts. It is just an amazing time and of course it would not be complete without at least one bag of Lindt Chocolates! I think I am going to start working on a new dessert that I can share next year made with your cooking chocolates. I dd not realize they were available.  Thanks Lindt!

  • Sonia Guerra

    Renting a movie and having a family night-  can’t beatit!