The Importance of a Two-Way Conversation

With Facebook, Twitter and YouTube growing exponentially every day, it is essential for every major corporation to be present on these channels.  Up until the days of social media, it was a one-way marketing broadcast zone through television, print and radio.  The web has given consumers the power and now more than ever, brands are listening and conversing with their customers instead of talking at them. 

Lindt’s dedication to a two-way conversation is evident through the new page on Facebook, the account on Twitter and now here with the Lindt Chocolate Unwrapped blog. While some brands may consider these new means of communication to be tedious, Lindt welcomes it with open arms.  The ability to listen and gather feedback on a more real-time level allows companies to improve and understand what their consumers are looking for in the ever-changing economic landscape.  With a recession now ending, people have become more selective with purchasing choices.  Brands that listen and engage are likely to trump those who sit idly without care.

Many companies either make it or break it on social media.  If a two-way conversation is not a priority for a brand online, the traditional one-way broadcast will fail.  Sites like Facebook were setup for consumers to share their joy, as well as their issues.  Brands have the opportunity to address such issues and actually benefit from complaints by constantly improving and evolving.  While not every customer can be pleased, the opportunity exists for companies to do the best they possibly can.

Lindt is fortunate to have so many passionate chocolate fans who are more than happy to spread the word about our delectable chocolate creations.   We aim to listen, engage and constantly improve with them in mind.

Do you follow your favorite brands online?  What brands come to mind when thinking of ones that listen and engage?

  • May K Rohner

    I LOVE your chocolates!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • Dot Nielson

    I absolutely LOVE your chocolate! I try to keep a bag of the milk chocolate Truffles in my bedside table just in case……and I always give it a girliegirl gift , you know “just because” gifts… Thank you for the smooth melt and be cool at the same time sensation that they give to me .I could write more but then you would think I was obsessed…….

  • Janice

    Whenever I go to a family get together there famous words are don’t
    forget to bring the Lindt Chocolates please.So I never leave home
    without them. Lindy Chocolates are the best.