Welcome to Lindt Chocolate Unwrapped!

Thomas Linemayr


Welcome to Lindt Chocolate Unwrapped!  I’m Thomas Linemayr.  By day, I’m the President and CEO of Lindt USA, and more importantly, I am a lover of premium chocolate and am thrilled to be writing the first of many posts on our new Lindt USA blog.

So, why Lindt Chocolate Unwrapped?  We’re starting this blog in the hopes of sharing our passion for premium chocolate with you.  As the world’s leading producer of premium chocolate, we saw the need for a source of information and platform for discussion on all things in the world of fine chocolate – from cocoa bean to chocolate bar, and everything in between.  Since 1845, Lindt has embraced and celebrated its unique Swiss heritage and rich tradition for chocolate making, and to this day Lindt products reflect a deep passion for craftsmanship, innovation and high-quality ingredients.

We’re here to provide something new to the current chocolate discussion by sharing our view through the eyes of a premium chocolate manufacturer.  In the coming posts, we’ll give you insight into the inner workings of Lindt — including information on the best ingredients, updates on the newest chocolate offerings, and more.  We’ll offer recipes, tips and advice from our Lindt Master Chocolatiers, provide information on special promotions and product offers, and share what’s innovative and new in the world of chocolate.

We want to hear what you think.  What questions do you have?  Which flavor combinations do you prefer?  What do you want to see next?  We hope you will join in the conversation here or on Facebook (Facebook.com/LindtChocolate) and Twitter (@Lindt_Chocolate).

Through this blog, we hope we’ll inspire you to feel the same way about premium chocolate that we do — that the best chocolate begins with the finest ingredients, and through sophisticated refinement, chocolate expertise, and innovation, people can experience the ultimate chocolate delight.

So finally, I invite you to join Lindt Chocolate Unwrapped – we can’t wait to see where this takes us and we looking forward to hearing from you on this blog.

Remember – life’s too short for ordinary chocolate.

Thomas Linemayr
President and Cheif Executive Officer
Lindt & Sprungli (USA) INC.

  • ellen

    You want to know what I think? I think you should bring back the original recipe for your Excellence 70%. I used to eat it every day, but I don’t buy it anymore. The new recipe is bland, ordinary, too sweet, waxy, slimy, greasy. Lindt took an extraordinary product, with brand loyalty any seller would kill for, and trashed it with this stunningly disappointing new recipe. PLEASE bring back the original.

  • http://www.fundaredmaterna.org Jorge E Tolosa

    We are planning to plant 50 hectares-to start- of cacao trees in Colombia. Would like to develp the project to produce cacao beans that are of interest to your company-high quality, organic and of specific aromatic varieties. It is a project with a social aspect to include women heads of displaced families due to social unrest and to also protect 60 hectares of forest. “Women and Families for Peace, the Environment and Chocolate” sponsored by FUNDARED-MATERNA a non for profit based in Colombia. Email: Jorgetolosa1@gmail.com Can tavel to Boston to exchange ideas if this would be of interest to you and your company
    - Jorge Tolosa, MD