Wine & Chocolate Make for the Perfect New Years Eve

As the Holiday Season comes to an end, we all — sort of — disconnect from our busy work lives and spend more time with family and friends.    We often find ourselves hosting holiday gatherings and entertaining out of town guests.  Events like these provide great opportunities to impress friends and family with your connoisseur skills by pairing wine and chocolate after dinner or when you have guests over for drinks.

Lindt lovers ask us all the time: “How do I pair Lindt Excellence and wine?”

It’s simple.  Before you start, make sure the chocolate has been properly stored – between 60-68 degrees F.  The easiest way to identify if chocolate has been stored properly is to look at the shine and listen to the snap.  Premium chocolate, like Lindt Excellence, should have a glossy finish, be uniform in color and free of streaks.  Then, when you break it, you should hear a snap.

The pairing should begin with the chocolate tasting.  First, take a moment to appreciate the intense aromas of the chocolate.  Next, take a small bite..While the chocolate is slowly melting in your mouth, savor its different notes and flavors.   As you are tasting the final lingering notes, slowly sip the wine.  The key to finding the ideal combination between a chocolate and a wine is when the taste notes harmonize, and neither the chocolate nor the wine dominates the senses.

Pairings are virtually endless. Experiment until you find your ultimate chocolate pleasure experience.  If you need a quick primer on how to taste Excellence like a pro, check out our “Tasting” page in the Excellence web site .

Below, you will find some suggestions to help get you started.  It is now up to you to make it memorable.  Pair your favorite wines with the variety of exquisite flavors Lindt Excellence has to offer.  

Excellence 70% Cocoa paired with Shiraz

Shiraz unfolds to reveal layers of ripe berries, plum and peppery spices. Combined with seductive notes of licorice and chocolate, Shiraz is a great match for the balanced red fruit and vanilla notes in Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa.

Excellence 85% Cocoa paired with Zinfandel

Zinfandel brims with luscious aromas of blueberries, blackberries, warm cinnamon and toasted oak. This lovely fruit driven experience will be outstanding when paired with the bold notes of herbs and red berries in Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa

Excellence A Touch of Sea Salt paired with Riesling

Enticing sweetness, a touch of ripe pear, aromas of  honeysuckle and spring flowers all describe the famously aromatic Riesling. It will pair well with the light saltiness of the bittersweet Lindt Excellence A Touch of Sea Salt.

Excellence Chili paired with Port

Mellow, sweet dark chocolate and spicy red chili found in the Excellence Chili bar is the perfect match to the rich red fruit and underlying spicy heat of Port — a terrifically spicy sweet experience.

 Share with us: What are some of your favorite wine and chocolate pairings?

  • Jennifer S.

    I love Chardonnay with ANY chocolate!